Lehevaatamisi kokku

Handshake and small talk before dinner, at the invitation of president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, during the visit of president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev in Estonia 20.04.2011

Estonia 2011

"Narva" Shale-Oil Open Cast Mine

Estonia, Narva. 07.06.2011. Photo Aleksander Pototski

Estonia 2010
Kazakh delegation on the "Narva" Shale-Oil Open Cast Mine

Estonia, Narva. 23.09.2010. Photo Aleksander Pototski

Estonia 2009
 Shale-Oil Mine "Estonia"

Estonia 2009.
Shale-oil mine "Estonia" is 60 meters deep. Eesti Energia AS will fill the mine with concrete that is made of shale oil ashes. This work is done in cooperation with Tartu University, Tallinn Technological University, EE Kaevandused AS and EE Narva Elektrijaamad AS. 4.I.2010. Photo by Aleksander Pototski

Germany 2009
Salt Mine in Asse

Germany 2009.
We are 700m below the surface. Salt mine is located 450-800 meters below the surface. Mines that were fully exploited are fullfilled with concrete. As you can see on this picture, part of the mine is already filled and on the right you can see a pipe that transports concrete for filling the mine. 9.XII.2009. Photo by Aleksander Pototski

Kazakhstan 2009

Astana - Almaty - Ust-Kamenogorsk - Zaisan - Astana

Kazakhstan 2009.
Astana. 06.X.2009. Photo Aleksander Pototski

Kazakhstan 2010. Astana. 27.V.2010. Photo by Aleksander Pototski

Kazakhstan 2009.
Kenderlyk Depression 1200m. Saikan Mts., Saur Range. 09.X.2009. Photo by Aleksander Pototski

Poland 2008
Wieczorek Pulaski Coal Mine in Katowice

Poland 2008.
Aleksander (Estonia), Marek (Poland), Nikolai (Russia) and Tumi (South Africa) 550m under ground. 10.IX.2008